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Sew L.A. In Silver Lake

Sew L.A. in Silver Lake is a woman-owned, family-run fabric shop and sewing classroom that offers beginner to advanced classes, available for both private and group, where you can learn to sew home decor items, accessories, handbags, and apparel like skirts, dresses, basic tees, coats, kids items and more.

All White Everything

I’ve been thinking about white floors. More specifically, I’ve been wondering when is it ok to paint your hardwood floors? I really love the look, and I could imagine wanting to do a white room someday. But I could also see the response being: “Oh, you painted over the wood!”

Hanging Succulent Garden

Crafty people. Don’t you hate them? Just kidding… Mostly, I admire the (quietly) crafty. But I’d rather purchase my housewares because I’m lazy and I love to shop. That said, these macramé succulent hangers from Skinny Laminx are really cute and actually look pretty easy to do!

Marimekko-Inspired Wallpaper Transfer

Interior designer and blogger Kibwe Daisy created his own Marimekko-inspired Harri Koskinen’s Frekvenssi wallpaper by tracing and printing out sections of the pattern, transferring the template ono the wall, and drawing it.

George Nelson LEGO Bench

Chris and Dolores Salomone of Humble Ablog made a version of the George Nelson Platform Bench by Herman Miller out of LEGOs and PVC glue. Behold…