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Highland Park Los AngelesWith its walkable streets, Craftsman and Victorian-style houses and small town feel, Highland Park is one of the most blossoming neighborhoods in Los Angeles. A few years ago this may have seemed unlikely as Highland Park wasn’t necessarily the first stop on a discerning home buyer’s tour of the Eastside of L.A., but with home prices increasing in nearby Echo Park and Silver Lake, Highland Park became a natural fit for many. Nowadays the neighborhood is filled with artists, musicians, actors and writers who enjoy upgrading their fashionable old homes and walking the main drag of York Boulevard.

History And Location

Highland Park is one of the oldest settled areas of Los Angeles and it’s bordered on the North by Eagle Rock, South Pasadena to the east, Glassell park to the west and Mt. Washington to the southwest. The Gold Line serves the area and the district’s zip code is 90042. While gentrification has certainly made a big impact on the area, Highland Park still has not changed dramatically like other nearby neighborhoods. Low rents and affordable homes can still be found which makes this a popular area for first time home buyers. One reason for the lack of major change to the area may be due to the poorer schools in the area. This fact is hotly debated and you are likely to find residents who argue both sides.

A number of movies have been filmed in the area including Reservoir Dogs which was filmed at Pat And Lorrayne’s Coffee Shop. Other movies filmed here include Jim Carrey’s Yes Man, La Bamba and Up In Smoke.

Nightlife And Entertainment


Some may call Johnny’s a dive bar, but mainly it’s just a good old-fashioned bar. Walk into Johnny’s any night of the week and you’ll see a very mixed clientele of locals and those who made the drive to this popular hot spot. Regulars say that Johnny’s has a great beer selection, easygoing bartenders and a welcoming atmosphere. What else could ask for from your local watering hole?

Mr. T’s Bowl

Originally opened in 1929 as a garage, Mr. T’s Bowl is a Highland Park landmark. After a brief stint as a bowling alley, Mr T’s eventually transformed itself into a music venue and became a staple on the underground and alternative music scene of Los Angeles. Live music starts at 9pm Thursday through Saturday nights. Attracting a number of well known bands, Mr. T’s also prides itself on helping to provide up and coming bands a place to play and be heard. Help support local music and check out Mr. T’s!

The York Highland ParkThe York

The York (right) is a stylish gastropub that is perhaps the best example of the change the neighborhood has seen in recent years. Like Johnny’s this bar has a wide ranging drink selection but where The York stands out is with its food. The menu contains many pub favorites like cheeseburgers and fish ‘n chips, but all done up in an upscale way that makes paying $13 for a cheeseburger worth it. Located smack dab in the middle of York Blvd, it’s not a surprise that many call this spot Highland Park’s very own “Cheers”.