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654 East Mariposa Street in Altadena


Frederick Roehrig, Architect, The Andrew McNally Estate, 1888.

No expense was spared for Andrew McNally’s three-story Altadena mansion.

The great map maker used his expansive estate as his own personal calling card for those shivering in the Midwest or along the eastern seaboard, beckoning them to the luxe life available only in Southern California.

His home embodied the bounty of the San Gabriel Mountains, palm trees and deodar cedars, citrus and olive trees, broad green lawns and sunshine.

Adjectives to describe McNally’s nearly seven thousand-square-foot house are not those we might use for contemporary architecture.

Modesty doesn’t work here either. Rather, words such as grand, exotic, eccentric, fit like a glove.

Every element of this twenty-two room, nine-bedroom, seven-fireplace, and five-bathroom estate is yet another example of rich original detail.

Nearly all of the home’s nineteenth-century features remain intact.

Even a large aviary for exotic birds to match the colorful arrays of flowers McNally planted throughout the estate.

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Listing courtesy of Matthew Berkley & Scott Lander, deasy/penner.

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