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717 East Baseline Road in Claremont


The Ken McLeod Residence, built in 1954 is now on the market for the first time since 1978.

The 2,514 square-foot residence was designed by Fred McDowell, A. I. A., 1954, and Rufus Turner, A. I. A., 1965. 

Although Fred McDowell is listed as the architect of record, McLeod’s work with Criley and McDowell, Richard Neutra, and other modernist luminaries is evident in the design and execution of the original 1954 and Rufus Turner’s 1964 rebuild of the rear of the property.

Builder and craftsman Ken McLeod’s understanding of modern architecture and its relationship to the built environment is evident in his personal residence.

The collaboration of both architects and owner/builder resulted in a long, t-shape design in which the emphasis is on horizontality and volume of form mellifluously blended examples of functionality and comfort.

Concealed by its generous setback from the street, the unassuming facade hides the vast open spaces of the west-facing bedrooms and the nearly two-story-tall glass living room, dining room, and den to that create a cohesive intersectionality of interior and exterior spaces which enhance the built environment.

The 4-bedroom, 2-bath property is currently being considered by the County of Los Angeles as a cultural and historic landmark.

This is a stunning property that definitely deserves a look!

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Listing courtesy of Matt Berkley, M.A., Crosby Doe Associates.

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