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John Lautner’s Foster Carling House in Hollywood Hills


The Foster Carling House, built by John Lautner (1947-1950), is one of the architect’s earliest and most significant works and is also the residence that united Lautner with builder John de la Vaux, a partnership that lasted for 7 more projects, including the Chemosphere. It includes many innovative and exciting design elements that Lautner would continue to explore throughout his career, including a pool that flows from the exterior into the living room, separated by a retracting wall of glass. There are controls that move both the glass wall and an entire living room section and built-in sofa, allowing it to swing out into the yard and face the downtown skyline.

The 1,999 square foot home features external steel cantilever beams that support the roof of the hexagonal main living area, creating a completely open space, free of any internal columns.

Another striking feature is the movable wall-seat. One entire wall section of the living area’s built-in couch is hinged on one side and supported by a caster on the other, allowing the entire structure to swing out, opening the room out to the adjoining terrace.

Other signature details include old-growth redwood planking, raised fireplace, polished concrete floors, built-in furniture and detailed woodwork throughout.

The home is uniquely situated on a 16,002 square foot hillside lot above Mulholland, giving the property 360-degree views across Los Angeles, downtown and the Valley.

This is an absolutely gorgeous example of iconic mid-century architecture!

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Listing courtesy of John Galich, Rodeo Realty Inc.

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