2220 Reservoir Street In Echo Park

2220 Reservoir Street
Los Angeles, CA 90026

2 BR, 2 BA Main House + Studio Apartment
Listed for $749,000
Sold for $739,000

The newest offering from ModOp Design is a top to bottom remodeled craftsman in the heart of Echo Park, close to the restaurants and shops of Sunset Junction and to the Silver Lake Reservoir.

The beautifully restored 1,300 square foot main house has 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a private deck, and yard. There are numerous upgrades, including restored original redwood siding, solid oak floors, custom birch cabinets, Carrera marble bath counters, solid wood window frames, Heath tile accents, and stainless steel appliances.

There are energy efficient upgrades throughout including a tankless water heater, no VOC paint, drought tolerant landscape, and low-E dual pane windows & french doors.

The property is a legal duplex and includes a separate studio apartment with 400 square feet of space above the finished garage. The apartment includes its own fenced-in yard (with a wet bar!) and downtown view. You can rent this space for income or use it as a guesthouse or home office.

After the break, more photos of 2220 Reservoir, plus an interview with Greg Steinberg of ModOp Design. Greg answers Take Sunset’s questions about the renovations of this 89-year-old craftsman home, including how he removed the stucco exterior and other details. Check it out!

Reservoir before the stucco was removed

Take Sunset: Can you describe the process of renovating the exterior of this home? Particularly the process of removing the stucco?

Greg Steinberg: I was going through my Twitter feed and ran across a video of how to de-stucco a craftsman house. The first step was to do a test area to see how easily the stucco would come off and to check the condition of the original redwood siding underneath. The test went well, so I went ahead and gave my contractor the OK to remove all the stucco.

The newly exposed original siding

TS: How did removing the stucco affect your budget?

Steinberg: One of the biggest expenses in construction are the dump fees and stucco weighs a lot so that added up in terms of cost. In addition, most remodelers use composite siding in order to match the original. In the many places where it needed to be repaired, we used redwood siding to match the original from 1923, which was an additional cost.

Exterior with stucco removed & redwood siding repaired

TS: With the exterior restored to its original condition, do you feel the home is more authentic to the style of homes in Echo Park?

Steinberg: ModOp Design’s modus operandi is to preserve and restore as much of the original exterior architectural features as possible. Echo Park is a historically significant neighborhood in Los Angeles, and we felt it was important to do what we could to respect that.

TS: Can you talk about renovating the bonus space? It can be used in many different ways–as a duplex, studio, home office, or guesthouse. Was that flexibility a challenge when deciding how to renovate it?

Steinberg: What’s cool about the bonus space is that it is completely separate from the main house. It even has its own garden sanctuary complete with a wet bar! For that reason, it is perfect for a variety of uses. If I was to buy the property, I would love to use it as a private office space with a 10 second commute by foot. And if it’s used as a rental, it will bring in more income than a duplex that shares wall space, since it’s a free standing unit.

The kitchen before

The kitchen after

TS: One of my favorite aspects of the remodel is the kitchen with its fantastic center island, custom cabinets, and open flow to the back deck. It’s such a great entertainer’s kitchen, and it immediately reminded me of your own kitchen!

Steinberg: As soon as we bought this house, we couldn’t wait to open it up to the outside. We did the same thing to our own home and we love it.

Steinberg: (cont.) It’s L.A. The weather is perfect and everyone wants to eat, drink, and entertain with the ability to move easily from inside to outside. This house was designed with that in mind.

TS: Another detail I really like are the solid wood window frames.

Steinberg: About the windows, once you live in a house with low-E dual pane windows, your life gets a whole lot better. The reduction in noise level from the outside is huge! Plus, the weather stays outside. It’s one of those things that once you experience the difference, you would never go back. On an aesthetic level, it was important to us to go with solid wood windows. It would have been wrong to restore the siding and then put in vinyl windows.

TS: Are there any other details about the remodel that you’d like to point out?

Steinberg: We used solid core interior doors. They look the same as hollow doors, but they close much nicer and have that quality feel. We also used 3/4″ solid oak floors. A lot of others use thinner floors or engineered hardwood flooring, which don’t feel as solid and will wear out much sooner.

TS: While working on this home, did you imagine the people that might end up living here?

Steinberg: I imagined many different scenarios because this property has so much flexibility. Echo Park is where people who care about art and community want to live. An artist or musician could live in the loft space and use the downstairs as a work studio and rent out the house. Or a family could live in the house and have their mother in law live in the back house. You are within walking distance to tons of great restaurants and stores and Silver Lake and Los Feliz are a short drive away. I want to live here!

If you’d like to see this charming and unique craftsman in Echo Park, email me or give me a call at 323-775-6305!

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11 Responses to “2220 Reservoir Street In Echo Park”

  1. arline says:

    What a great looking house! It’s amazing how improved it is. Love the red front door. Kitchen, window frames, floors, landscaping …everything. The bonus space is private yet not confining. What a great addition to the entire lot.

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m considering doing the same de-stuccoing of my house in Echo Park. What was the actual cost of the de-stuccoing and repair? Thanks.

  3. Greg says:

    Michelle-Regarding the cost like every job in construction it depends on the situation. We de-stuccoed 2 properties on this job and the cost was well over 10K.
    A lot depends on the weight of the stucco, how difficult it is to take it off, which can vary & how much siding you have to replace.
    ModOp Design

  4. Katherine says:

    Does the studio have a kitchen?

  5. Megan says:

    I used to live in this house in the “before” condition when I was in school! The neighborhood was really fun and eclectic, neighbors are seriously awesome. I love that someone gave it some love! It’s a good house, and even though we were just renters, we treated it well.

    We loved living there then and I kissed my future husband for the first time on that front porch. The open kitchen and the flow to the backyard is exactly right. I love that move. Well done.

    And I hope the new owners bring back those porch swings… :)

    • Rob says:

      Megan – Thanks so much for this great comment! Love to hear from a previous renter. And I agree, it’s a great neighborhood!

  6. Benjamin says:

    It’s a great neighborhood, but Elysian Valley is even more cool.

  7. Leann says:

    I was the last renter in that back guest house before the foreclosure. I have to say it is one of my favorite places I have lived in LA. That private back yard was really wonderful and we had many great dinner parties there. I moved in July and bought a house in Eagle Rock. Your renovation is very inspiring and I wish you much luck!!

    • Rob says:

      Leann – the back fenced-in yard is one of my favorite parts of the property. Glad to hear you enjoyed it there so much!!

  8. arline says:

    How cool to hear from Megan and Leann about the history of the house. Makes it even more appealing now that’s it’s so improved and liveable.

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