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All White Everything

I’ve been thinking about white floors lately. More specifically, I’ve been wondering when it is OK to paint your hardwood floors? I love the look, and I could imagine wanting to do an all white room someday. But I could also see the response being: Oh, you painted over the wood!

But white floors paired with white walls makes art, furniture and color in a room really pop, like the pink here. For me, though, I tend to like warmer white on white rooms, like the top picture.

I love wide wood planks with exposed gaps between the boards, like this example at the left. Both of these spaces are very simple, peaceful.

More white floors after the break!

White floors can also make a small space appear bigger, especially when paired with white walls. Again, with the flooring and walls not competing for attention, the wood and few pops of color really stand out.

Anna from Door Sixteen wrote about her experience painting oak floors white in her home. It’s a great example of when it is the right time to paint wood–the floors were old but not original to the house and they were in bad condition. For Anna, it completely tranformed the space. She said: “What used to be the dirtiest, most neglected and depressing room in the house is now unbelievably peaceful, clean, and fresh. Anna explains how to paint your floors here. Apartment Therapy has a helpful post on painting floors, too.

What are your thoughts on painting hardwood floors? Leave a comment if you’d like to weigh in!

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