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Ruth Duckworth’s Chicago Studio & Home

Ruth Duckworth (1919 – 2009) was a modernist sculptor whose work included monumental sculptures, murals, and smaller ceramic pieces. In the early 1980s, Duckworth renovated a former pickle plant on Chicago’s north side, which she used as her home and studio. With work space on the first floor, living space on the second floor, and open air between, Duckworth was able to view her large scale works in progress from above and envision how they would look on the wall. It’s fascinating to take peak inside her works space and home, however, I agree with the comments on Ready for the House. It seems like a shame to break this place into condos…

After this video was shot, Ruth Duckworth passed away. Word is that the property sold for $1.2 million and went into a trust. For more on Ruth Duckworth, there is a documentary about her life, Ruth Duckworth: A Life in Clay.

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5 responses to “Ruth Duckworth’s Chicago Studio & Home

  1. WOW! This is a great video of an amazing woman: her home and studio! The space is so large…How would you ever heat it in winter? Do you know if it really was broken up into condos? Or did anyone buy it as is??

  2. The Ruth Duckworth home and studio was not broken up into condos but
    was purchased by one person who is renovating it into a single family home.

    Yes, it used to cost her a small fortune to heat the place.

    1. Thea: Thank you so much for that information! I really appreciate it, since I couldn’t find those specifics online. I’m happy to hear it wasn’t broken into condos.

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