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“The Jet Set”

I’m late to this party, but I’ve recently gotten hooked on Mad Men. I’m on Season 3, but I’m still hung up on something that happened in Season 2. In the episode The Jet Set, Don Draper goes to Los Angeles for work and winds up in Palm Springs with a group of wealthy strangers at the most amazing mid-century home. Ever since I saw the episode I’ve been dying to know what house it was…

On the DVD commentary for the episode, Matt Weiner says the house wasn’t actually in Palm Springs, but in Chatsworth. He also says it’s a Case Study House and that it works for “Palm Springs” because it doesn’t have a view. I’m confused by this description because there actually aren’t any Case Study Houses in Chatsworth.

Online speculation pointed to the Stahl House, Case Study House No. 22 by Pierre Koenig, but it couldn’t have been the Stahl House because it’s in LA and definitely has a view!

Other views thought it was a Palm Springs house, like the Kaufmann House or Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms Estate, but you can rule those out since, well, they’re in Palm Springs.

I think Weiner’s comment that it was a Case Study House must have been incorrect. My best guess follows some online information that the home in the episode was the Fox Residence located in Chatsworth, once owned by Frank Sinatra. There are no pictures of it online, but it seems to fit the bill since it’s used for filming and is located Chatsworth.

Also, the staging in The Jet Set episode was incredible! The Saarinen tulip table and red womb chairs, the colored glass, wall screens, red foo dogs, and that light blue telephone–it was all amazing.

And as always, the costumes were outstanding. I particularly loved the swimsuits. Joy’s gorgeous bikini and the creepy doctor’s amazing Speedo and blazer combo were great.

Still wondering about the house though…

Update 12/3/2011:

The house is now for sale for $12,000,000.

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