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Coco Rocha’s Gramercy Park Home


Vogue took a peek inside the Gramercy Park, Manhattan, apartment of model Coco Rocha and her husband, the artist James Conran. Coco purchased the home three years ago and immediately began work to remodel it. “My mom fixed up houses my whole life,” she told Vogue. “I spent so much time helping her paint walls and build cabinets and things. So, when I got my first place, the first thing I did was hire an interior decorator because I didn’t want to have to do it myself again. I thought I deserved it.” The mirrors in the living room (above) did not come from her interior designer, however, they were Coco’s own Crate & Barrel find. “All eight of them–for $200!” she says. “I love it when I find a good bargain.”


Coco bought the above candleholders at an Andy Warhol estate sale. “I thought they were the coolest thing,” she says. “I gifted them to James, but then he moved in with me and, luckily, I got them back!”


The teapots are from from Coco’s various photo shoot locations–“from Morocco to Michigan,” she says. “It was James’s idea to cover the books in old newspaper, and one of the books is actually wrapped in a paper from June 1911, which is almost 100 years before our wedding date.”

See more of Coco Rocha and James Conran’s Gramercy Park home at Vogue.com. Photography by Claiborne Swanson Frank.

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