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Ready For a Modernist Cat?

It’s been almost a year since my kitty Lucy past away, and I’ve been vaguely toying around with the thought of adopting another cat. I’m not sure what our dog Ebbie would make of that, but he and Lucy had a wary alliance, so he would learn to deal.


If I ever do adopt a cat, perhaps we’d get a Dot Den from Modernist Cat? The inside is the perfect hiding spot–decked out for comfort, sleep and play with a removable and replaceable 2″ foam pads and washable, non-pill, fleece slip covers. And the outside is a modern side table. The frame is handcrafted with Russian Baltic and the legs are steel and chrome plated. Price: $199 + $50 shipping.


And the Dot Den is just one of the options at Modernist Cat, the work of Seattle artist Crystal Gregory, along with her two hairless cats, Jackson and Elliott. Crystal’s goal is to re-imagine furniture to double the space into prime cat real estate. (Which if you have cats, you know they are going to take over anyway.) Modernist Cat also offers the Atomic Stool (above left), the Case Study Condo (right), and more.

Aw, writing this post really makes me want to adopt a cat, although, one with hair. Hairless cats freak me out! But maybe I’m ready? Let’s see what Rob & Ebbie say…

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