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Do or Don’t: Striped Walls

I was browsing around on the always-inspirational ElleDecor.com, and I came across their feature on striped wall treatments. I am so tired of years of apartment-white walls; bold walls look so refreshing to me!


These vivid Alice in Wonderland-esque orange-and-pink stripes are magically overpowering. This look is found on the bedroom-corridor walls of designer Muriel Brandolini’s Victorian weekend house in Southampton, NY. It’s intense to say the least.


I like the idea of stripes used in the bathroom, but the horizontal black and white stripes are a bit too prison uniform for me. I think I would have like this in a color better.


I love the wide earth-tone stripes used in this Manhattan apartment. Also, I think I prefer wide stripes, like these, to thinner ones.


Although this is a little too precious for my taste, I do like this lilac-and-cream striped look with the eclectic array of art. Also, this is an example of vertical stripes, which I like when the stripes are large, like they are here.

So what do you think? Would you do stripes in your home?

Image Source: Elle Decor