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Palm Springs Desert Modernism


Yesterday I hopped in the car with my fiance and mom, bought a map at the Palm Springs Visitor Center and drove around checking out some of Palm Springs’ notorious desert modernism architecture. For decades architects traveled to Palm Springs to design the sleek and modern homes the region is famous for. For those of you who love this stuff, do yourself a favor and see it in person. Photos simply don’t do these works of art justice.

My favorite house was Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann House. Designed in 1946 this was one of the visionary architect’s most famous homes. It’s one of the best examples of a home connecting with the desert landscape you’ll ever see.



Next up was William Krisel’s House Of Tomorrow (which also served as the location for Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s honeymoon). How could you not love this “experiment in modern living”?


The Frank Sinatra House (designed by Stewart Williams in 1947) just oozes history and glamour. There was an event going on and we were able to peek inside the back and see the amazing piano-shaped pool (unfortunately no pics). Oh to be poolside here back in the day with Frank and his pals…!


Some more examples of Palm Springs Modernism:






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