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Harris’ Hansen House


Stop #3 on the MAK Tour was another Harwell Hamilton Harris House – the Hansen House in Silver Lake overlooking the reservoir. Built ten years after the Alexander House, Harris looked to blend function, nature and aesthetics and place the occupants’ needs and comfort above all else (sounds like a good idea to me). Harris succeeded so well that the original owners lived in the house for 40 years.

I liked this house a lot for a few reasons. First, the living room was big and open, unlike some of the other houses we saw. It had a great flow and every room has either a garden or lake view. Second, the color palette has been kept true to Harris’ original specifications and for good reason – it gave off a very natural and warm feeling.

Shoes off before entering:



A very comfortable den with a fantastic bookcase:


The deck had some really nice touches – loved the succulents that enclosed it:


Windows just below the ceiling providing great natural light:


Beautiful wood floors throughout the house:


Hansen House (Harwell Hamilton Harris, 1950-51)
2305 W. Silver Lake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

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