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The Chemosphere House By John Lautner


The Chemosphere is a very fitting start to the “Best Of L.A.” series since for many people any conversation about the most interesting houses in L.A. must begin with the iconic Chemosphere house. Built in 1960 and designed by architect John Lautner, this eight-sided house in the Hollywood Hills was once named “the most modern home built in the world” by the Encyclopedia Brittanica.


While it’s hard to say if it still holds that title, The Chemosphere stands alone. Literally. The house is perched atop a 30 foot concrete pole. If that makes you a little nervous, know this: the house has survived earthquakes and heavy rainfall.


Structurally it may be sound, but the interior has had a tougher time. Years of being rented out for parties left the carpet in disarray, the walls in poor condition and overall the house gave off a sad worn-down vibe. Even The Simpsons made fun of it. Eventually it was bought in 2000 by Benedickt Taschen (publisher of some of the most stylish art books ever made) who restored it to its present-day glory.


The house is located at 7776 Torreyson Drive, but for a good look at The Chemosphere House go to 7777 Torreyson Drive.


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