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Richard Neutra, Architect: Sketches and Drawings


I checked out the Richard Neutra exhibit at the Los Angeles Public Library in Downtown L.A. today. While he was well-known for being one of modernism’s most important architects (and second only to Frank Lloyd Wright as one of America’s “star-chitects”), Neutra was equally as adept at sketching and drawing his subjects.

Works of art in their own right, this gallery contained a number of pieces that I would love to hang up in my home. Such as this one of the Heller House in Beverly Hills:


It’s clear that Neutra loved to draw and walking around the exhibit you feel like Neutra’s drawings are your tour guide on a colorful trip around the world – sketches of Lima, Peru and the Mojave Desert from the 1930s have a mysterious and haunting quality to them.

But it’s the houses that made Neutra famous (especially the Los Angeles ones) and there’s no shortage of them here. I loved seeing the proposed plan for a fraternity house that Neutra was working on with Wright at the University of Wisconsin. Too bad that never got built. And someone should take the drawing and start construction on the mysterious un-built store called “Comet Orange”.

For many, seeing the designs and sketches for the Kaufmann House will be a real thrill.


The exhibit is free and open to public during library hours and runs until November 1st.

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