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4217 Scandia Way In Eagle Rock


4217 Scandia Way
Los Angeles, CA 90065

3 BR, 2.5 BA
$899,000 $859,000

Perched on the top of a hill near the end of a dead end street overlooking Eagle Rock and Highland Park, this new listing certainly takes advantage of the dramatic location. Nearly every square inch of the house seems to have a view – a good plan since the view is simply incredible. The exterior reminds me of this mid-century Schindler, but the inside is where the Schindler comparisons end.

The upstairs has a big kitchen/dining room and a nice sized living room as well (with a big deck). Downstairs are the bedrooms, laundry room and bathrooms. Some of the design was a little too modern for my taste, but overall I found this house to be surprisingly comfortable.


This is an expensive house for Eagle Rock, but with more people looking in the area I’m sure it will get some offers. If you’re looking for a Hollywood Hills style house in Northeast L.A., then this definitely check this out!

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4045 Edenhurst Ave In Atwater Village


4045 Edenhurst Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039

2 BR, 1BA
$710,000 $675,000

I feel like most of the houses I see in Atwater Village are bungalows so this house is a nice change of pace. Located in walking distance to dining, shopping, golf and Griffith Park, this house is in the right spot to be priced at $710,000 for a two bedroom. The pool, newly tiled kitchen and overall good condition help as well.


There’s also a garage that could be converted into an office or pool/guest house. I like how the kitchen opens up to the living room – it definitely looks like they put all of the 1,362 square feet to good use. The open house is this Sunday from 1-4pm and I will definitely be stopping by. Will you?

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3239 Atwater Ave In Atwater Village


3239 Atwater Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90039

2 BR, 2BA

It’s bettershelter week here at Take Sunset! Well, not quite, but after interviewing Steve Jones on Tuesday he told me about this great new project of theirs that hits the market this week. This craftsman cottage located in a prime Atwater Village location is a great example of what bettershelter does so well – taking something old and making it fresh, new, and most importantly, affordable.

This compound is totally enclosed and is perfect for a small family. It has a victory garden – one of Steve’s favorite new trends. I love the French doors on the master bedroom, the long walkway up to the front door and the spacious living area. Can’t wait to see it in person this Sunday at the open house (2-4pm).

What do you think of this flip? Will you be there to check it out? If you’d like to see this house with a licensed Realtor (me!), send me an email.

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4205 Parva In Los Feliz


4205 Parva
Los Angeles, CA 90027
$1,845,000 (Short Sale!)
4 BR, 4 BA

As you will soon discover in the weeks and months ahead as this blog takes shape, I am a hard-core sucker for 70s architecture. It might have to do with spending a lot of time at my aunt and uncle’s house growing up in the suburbs of Chicago. They built their house in the late 60s but it was decked out in 70s flair.

Not a whole lot of this house reminds me of theirs, but the bathroom does for sure:

All that brown and the light bulbs surrounding the mirror? Pure 70s. And things only get more 70s from there. Check out this kitchen!

Whoa. And this lounge!

That room makes me want to play board games for some reason. I can’t wait to check it out this Sunday at the open house.

Someone will take advantage of the short sale, do some remodeling (or a lot of remodeling) and perch themselves on their new balcony and admire THIS:

For more info click here. Good luck!

2405 Ivanhoe In Silver Lake


2405 Ivanhoe
Los Angeles, CA 90039
Price: $929,000

I walked into this house with my girlfriend a few weekends ago and honestly, we both really didn’t want to ever leave. We loved pretty much everything about it, but a few things really stood out:

  • the multi-level backyard
  • the huge master bath
  • the front yard and patio
  • the kitchen

OK, we loved just about everything about it. It was located on a very quiet block in the Silver Lake Hills. Some very lucky family will one day reside in this house.

The front patio

The front patio

The backyard

The backyard