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The Volcano House


50451 Silver Valley Rd
Newberry Springs, CA 92365

3 BR, 3 BA

Have you ever thought to yourself: “What would it be like to live on top of a volcanic cone on 60 acres in the middle of the desert?” Well, now you can find out! The domed house above is not from a science fiction magazine, it actually does exist midway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles in Newberry Springs. Owned by SoCal legend Huell Howser, this house is surrounded by 360 degrees of stark lunar-esque landscape.



The main house has two bedrooms and two baths and open entertaining areas. The guest house has one bedroom and its own private lake. The interior reminds a little of The Chemosphere.


Realtors love to say that their listing is “one of a kind” but this is the real deal. And $750,000 seems actually kinda reasonable for this house. I’m very curious to see if anyone steps up and buys it. If you had cash to spare, would you? (And if you would, and you’re a serious buyer, email me. I would love to see this in person! I’ll drive.)

See more photos and get more info about The Volcano House.

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8 responses to “The Volcano House

  1. I think its wonderful . reminds me of king heroids northern isreal palace ,in some ways .Hope huell can find the right sort of person
    to sell it to.” Not just anyone,” you know?
    Great place If I was him. I WOULD THINK ABOUT KEEPING IT .
    It would give him a more Native californian status ,for which he clearly does not and could not obtain.Just on his own.The house helps a little more then the shows ,Huell Don’t Get me wrong I do have strong, good feelings about you and your work ,Ive worked in same field and thought of you as the model host .We met bref with roy and dale in v.v ,late 80’s.
    love and thanks Brent.2010

  2. I really wish to see a picture showing the opening of the volcano, if, an ‘opening’ is there..Living next to a pit that goes straight to the mysterious depth of the mother earth sounds awful..

  3. I was born and raised in Barstow, CA 92311, which is approx a 30 minute drive. My sister and her boyfriend were care takers of this property in the early 90’s. I would drive out there a few times a month, it was a really cool place. Part of the job was to make sure no one came and trespassed, the upper deck was the best part.

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