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Flip It: 1312 N. Occidental In Silver Lake

A few months ago a client of mine placed an offer on a tiny house in a great part of Silver Lake. It was a major fixer and I remember walking through the house with them talking about the potential it had. Unfortunately they weren’t able to do it themselves, but now the house is back on the market, fully flipped, and definitely maxing out its full potential! Here are some pics of the house before design team Greg Steinberg and Alexandra Becket of ModOp Design purchased and flipped it:




Photos of the amazing transformation after the break.




The house was purchased in December for $300,000 and is now on the market for $499,000. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more work from ModOp on the Eastside in the near future as they clearly have a lot of talent and a great eye for design. If you’d like to set up an appointment to see it email me or call me at 323-775-6305!

Update: Sold for $576,000 on 5/27/2010.

More photos and info of 1312 N. Occidental.

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11 responses to “Flip It: 1312 N. Occidental In Silver Lake

  1. Flippers lovingly referred to as designers. Taking a 300,000 house bought with cash, putting another 50,000 or so into it and putting it back on the market for 500,000. Splendid stuff. I have mixed feelings about this, obviously, but ultimately the market determines the price. If they can get it, then that’s what it’s worth.

  2. I doubt these folks invested $50,000 in it; it seems they repainted, added (or refinished) hardwood floors, and landscaped the front yard. From the “before” photos the house seemed in decent condition to begin wiith — walls were intact, kitchen had already been upgraded — so I’m guessing they spent less than $30,000 on it. Plus, I’d bet that the furniture in the house has been rented for the purpose of “staging.” Smoke and mirrrors; just what seems to impress many buyers.

  3. Half a million dollars for 898 sq. ft. with just one (tiny) bathroom? I hope the cottage comes with the flippers’ membership card to the local medical marijuana co-op.

    And where, pray tell, does the TV go?

  4. You have a nice blog, but, man, do you like to fan the flames. And there’s something kind of cheesy going on here. Too many episodes of Mad Men perhaps. Even the little hipster hat posed just so. Hilarious. I can see all this trendy furniture going back into storage until the next amazing transformation by this dynamic duo who have lost of cash and a fondness for sipping tea. I don’t think I need to make the appointment. Thank you anyway.

  5. It didn’t strike me as a “major fixer upper” to begin with. Sure the landscaping was bad, but the house was basically in good shape. Also I dislike the open plan. It’s too open. Now people in the living room have a “scenic” view of the stove and kitchen area. Perhaps the opening could have been made smaller to hide that somewhat, yet still reatining an open feel.

  6. Wow, what a stunner! I would’ve passed over the “before” house, but the “after” shows some real love and care. It’s transformed into a sweet little home!

  7. It was quite the fixer if you saw it in December. Hope they fixed the foundation that was disclosed as problematic. I put in an offer of $250K, was gonna fix it up and rent it. Thought they paid a lot, even though it is on a great street. The kitchen was gross and I bet they sunk some bucks in to it, especially since it is there first.

    1. Hi Ric
      We are very interested in this property but after reading your comment about the foundation, I wondered what info you might have to pass on. I asked the new listing agent if she knew of any foundation issues and she said she didn’t know of any but that the new owners hadn’t done and foundation work. Wondering if it really is smoke and mirrors. The house looks great now, I know they put a lot of work into it but paying top dollar should also result in a repaired foundation. Any light you could shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

  8. It’s not house renovation, it’s set decorating. The flippers didn’t even remove the hideous home depot light fixture over bath sink. And butcher block counters, what a bad design descision, but of course they were cheaper then using something more lasting…. People like this are giving true designers in LA a bad rap. It’s all furniture that will get used on next house they flip. And don’t even talk about the poorly designed front garden, ugh!

  9. wow, that front garden is horrendous! at least tear out the original invasive plants if you are going to redo it …

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